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Lead Higher by challenging your team to fully reflect your students' diversity in AP & IB

Select districts from around the country have been invited to apply to Lead Higher. They'll recieve intensive support to implement among the highest-impact strategies for boosting college readiness and narrowing the acheievement gap.

Your participation in the application process grants your district access to support and resources from EOS.

  • All applicants will receive expert data and consultation to identify their state’s best school-specific opportunities to boost achievement and narrow the achievement gap by closing AP and IB gaps.
  • Many applicants will receive analyses of the “missing students” opportunity, earn their school districts preferred access to EOS’s competitive application process, and if selected, will be prioritized for implementation support in subsequent application cycles.

Our research with the Education Trust and researchers at Harvard EdLabs suggests that:

  • Fully closing access gaps to AP/IB offers among the highest per-dollar impact in boosting college readiness and narrowing the achievement gap.
  • Nationally, there are more than 640,000 “missing students”—low-income students and students of color who would be successful if transitioned to their schools’ existing Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes.
  • 60 percent of teachers believe addressing existing inequity in advanced courses should be a top priority.
  • Similarly, student groups see this work as a top priority, making the case that “the achievement gap is the AP gap” (Minority Achievement Council student President).