Resources and Further Reading


Finding America’s Missing AP and IB Students

Programs like Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) are designed to provide high school students with challenging academic course work and a head start on a college education. But despite aggressive efforts to expand participation, there remain significant differences in the rates at which students from different racial and economic groups gain access.


Civil Rights Data Collection

Wide-ranging education access and equity data collected from our nations public schools. 


Arne Duncan Letter 2014

Sixty years ago the Supreme Court famously declared in Brown v. Board of Education that education “is a right which must be made available to all on equal terms.” Today, I write to call your attention to disparities that persist in access to educational resources, and to help you address those disparities and comply with the legal obligation to provide students with equal access to these resources without regard to race, color, or national origin.


PERTS Growth Mindset: Studies Designed for Teachers

Our mission is to make adaptive learning mindset research and resources accessible to anyone in the world. PERTS offers several public resources, as well as some selected readings, to help make this possible. 

Rising to the Challenge: Are High School Graduates Prepared for College and Work?

Key findings from surveys among recent public high school graduates conducted November of 2014. 

Expanding Advanced Placement (AP*) Access

A Guide to Increasing AP Participation and Success as a Means for Improving College Readiness.